Hire the Gryphon

The information pack below will help you decide whether or not the Gryphon Theatre is the appropriate place for your production. If you do use the Gryphon Theatre, the information pack becomes part of your contract.


  • As the Gryphon Theatre is on the ground floor of a residential building, various body corporate regulations apply. Good relations with our neighbours are important and some clauses are not negotiable, for example, noise limits and curfew times (no one on the premises after 12 midnight). 
  • The entire complex is a smokefree zone.
  • Productions involving the use of fire, including candles, water or other dangerous or hazardous products will need the specific written agreement of Stagecraft. Use of these without the proper agreement will entitle Stagecraft to cancel your contract immediately.
  • There must be no alterations of any kind to existing walls, floors, rostra or other property of Stagecraft.
  • The premises are not to be used for sleeping and no one is to stay overnight.
  • The premises are not to be used for any purpose other than that for which they are hired.

Information pack

At the end of the information pack is a booking form and production information required to process your application to hire the Gryphon Theatre. Please provide all information requested.

Alternatives to the Gryphon

If the Gryphon isn't available or suitable for your needs and you'd like to find another venue, try Venueweb for alternatives.
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