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Equipment available

Mobile scaffold and a variety of short and tall ladders. Please do not dismantle the scaffold. Note that Stagecraft accepts no liability for any accidents that may result from use of these.

Lighting control

1x LSC Maxim XL Lighting Desk (96 Channel DMX, No Pat Pad)
96x 10A Dimmer Channels
1x 10A Single Fade (usually for house lights)


Safety chains must be used on all lights

12x 650W Selecon Zoomspot Mk2 Wide
6x 1200W Selecon 6" Compact Fresnel
1x 1000W Selecon SF1000 Fresnel (barn doors attached)
6x 650W Selecon 4" Acclaim Fresnel
3x 650W Selecon 4" Newer Acclaim Fresnel
15x 650W Selecon 4" MiniFresnel Mk2
3x 500W Selecon 6" SF500 Fresnel
3x 500W Strand Patt 123 (coat hanger gel frames)
6x 800W Selecon Cyc 3
9x 800W RDL Cyc
2x 500W QI
2x PinSpot
4x 100W Pendants (house lights)
5x Blue LED Par 16 (backstage work lights, do not dim)

Lighting accessories

6x 6" Barn doors
9x 4" Round barn doors
6x 4" Square barn doors
Gel frames for all fittings
Extra safety chains
4x Grid height scaff pipes for side lighting etc (not permanently installed)
Variety of 0.5m - 2m scaff pipes, feet and clips


1x Phonic AM-844D USB Mixing desk (16 channel)
1x Denon DN-C635 CD Player
1x Sony CDP-CE245 5 Disc CD Player
2x QSC RMX850 Amps (200W per channel)
4x JBL Control 28 speakers (175W, swivel-mounted on lighting bars, standard rig only uses two)
1x JBL SB Subwoofer (340W, fixed above stage)
Show relay into dressing room


Variety of rostra sizes available