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Fire regulations and evacuation plan

NZS 9232: 1991 Precautions against Fire and Panic in Cinemas, Theatres and Places of Assembly

To comply with NZS 9232: 1991 the Hirer of the Gryphon Theatre must:

  • provide a minimum of two Front of House staff for every performance to which the public is admitted. These staff must remain in attendance throughout the performance or until the theatre is cleared of patrons.
  • ensure that the Front of House staff are available at least 30 minutes prior to the admission of patrons for training related to the emergency procedures
  • ensure that Front of House staff are easily recognisable. A name tag and or black and white dress would be appropriate.
  • ensure that patrons seated in the auditorium do not exceed 84 people
  • ensure that the number of patrons seated in the auditorium does not exceed 84.
  • ensure that the aisles, lobbies, passages, stairways and external exitways are free from obstructions, so as to allow free exit. This includes ensuring that vehicles are not parked outside external exit doors or egress ways.
  • ensure there is no smoking on the premises.