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Packing in and out

The pack-in is your time in the theatre before your show opens.

The toilets, auditorium, foyer, kitchen and other backstage areas are not to be used as storage areas. Paint, screws, nails, tapes etc are not supplied. Stage doors and fire doors must not be obstructed at any time. Note that there is a toilet accessible from backstage via the loading bay.

Pack-out takes place immediately after your last show or by 12 noon the following day depending on your contract. The premises must be vacated an hour after curtain or by midnight at the latest. Cleaning is an important part of your pack-out - please allow adequate time for it. Cleaning equipment and products are provided.


  • Deconstruct set and remove from theatre.
  • Fix any damage caused by your set or show (any holes in floor or walls left by nails, screws or other means must be filled properly).
  • Replace standard lighting rig and return other equipment to lighting store.
  • Any blacks or curtains hung specifically for your show must come down and be folded neatly and conversely any curtains taken down must be rehung.
  • Walls painted back to black (if changed to another colour or scuffed). You must use black Resene Lumbersider Acrylic or Dulux Timbercryl, Ebony.
  • Stage floor vacuumed, mopped and painted black, if necessary.


  • Remove all props and personal items from theatre.
  • Remove all rubbish.
  • Vacuum floor.
  • Clean shower and sink.
  • Mop toilet and shower floors.

Dressing rooms

  • Remove all costumes.
  • Clean toilet and hand-basin.
  • Clean all mirrors and wipe down benches.
  • Vacuum floors.


  • Wash and put away all mugs, glasses etc.
  • Clean all benches, sink.
  • Mop floor.
  • Clean microwave and oven, if used.
  • Remove food from fridge etc.


Remove all posters and other displays (both inside and outside) relating to your show.



  • ensure that everything associated with your show is out of the theatre and the stage and dressing rooms etc are cleaned
  • remove all rubbish from the premises - the skip in the loading bay can be used for all ordinary rubbish, which should be in bags. Do not use it for parts of sets or paint tins.
  • clean all toilets and mop floors
  • report any damage caused.