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Positions and responsibilities

You must supply your own Stage Manager, Lighting/Sound Designer/Operator and Front of House people.

Stage Manager

The Stage Manager is responsible for:

  • fire safety
  • general safety
  • first aid
  • evacuation procedures.

Make sure that fire exits, backstage and dressing room areas are kept tidy and clear of obstructions, especially during performances.

Prior to performances, check that:

  • soap and toilet paper are in the backstage toilet
  • rubbish bags are available backstage
  • fire doors are unlocked
  • exit lights are on
  • heaters are turned on, if required
  • the fresh air unit is turned on (must be turned on - legal requirement)
  • the stage is swept.

After the performance:

  • turn off all heaters (foyer, dressing room)
  • turn off fresh air unit
  • turn off all lights (backstage, foyer, theatre)
  • lock all doors into loading bay
  • ensure everyone has left
  • set burglar alarm
  • lock doors.

Lighting and Sound Operator(s)

The Lighting and Sound Operator(s) are responsible for knowing the rules that relate to the lighting box and being competent in the use of the equipment.

You should also bring any miscellaneous items you may require, such as gaffer tape, tools and gels, and any required sound recordings. Any equipment you require that is not in the equipment list you will need to hire.

Please report all blown bulbs or any other faults or damage (in the yellow book) so that they can be repaired or replaced.

There is NO smoking, drinking or eating allowed in the lighting box.

Front of House and Ushers

There must be two front of house people present 30 minutes before, and during, each performance. They are responsible for:

  • selling and taking tickets
  • seating your audience
  • together with your Stage Manager, starting your show on time
  • being aware of exits and being able to direct people during an emergency
  • ensuring that the number of people on the premises does not exceed 100, as required by the fire regulations, and that the number of patrons seated in the auditorium does not exceed 84.